Here at Parklands Hotel and Country Club we offer everything and more to suit your personal fitness needs.

The gym offers a wide range of equipment suitable for all fitness levels. We are one of the first gyms in Scotland to provide the latest Life Fitness Cardiovascular machines; these machines track your workouts to help you achieve set goals and targets.

We provide a variety of fixed weight resistance machines that target each muscle group. This allows you to focus on specific target areas or complete a general full body workout.

One whole section of the gym is designated to free weights for those more experienced.

All members of staff are friendly and approachable so never hesitate to ask for advice, alternative exercises or even just a general chat.

From the onset of your membership you will be given a tour of the gym and an induction by a member of gym staff to ensure you are comfortable using the machines provided.

Following this you can book a 1 to 1 session with one of our REP's level 3 instructors. In this session our instructor will design a customized training program tailored to the clients specific needs.

After a 6 - 8 week period your program will be reviewed to make sure you are progressing in your fitness journey here at Parklands gym.

You will not be disappointed by our pool and spa facilities. The pool has 2 sections; one section dedicated to lengths and the other section for families with children who wish a general play and swim. If you have children that re confident swimmers you can leave them in the pool whilst you go for a workout or even a coffee within the club. There will always be a member of staff on the pool side keeping an eye when required. Every Saturday at 5pm the kids get priority of the pool as we get out our big floats which they can play with until 9pm

Before 6pm adults aged 16+ are permitted in the spa facilities, however, after 6pm adults aged 18+ only are permitted. Our spa is the perfect place to come and relax. These facilities include:

  • Aroma Steam Room
  • Swedish Sauna
  • Bio Sauna
  • Hydro Pool
  • Neck Massagers
  • Hot Stone Beds

Aerobics Studio Timetable

The Gym Challenge

Every month the gym staff will be setting our members a new Gym Challenge to undertake.

Please keep an eye on our website in the new year to get involved in the new challenge every month. (If you think you have what it takes to beat the staff)