Meet Jacqui!


How well do you know the staff at Parklands? If the answer is ‘not well enough’ then prepare to get to know them a little bit better! Starting with Leisure Manager Jacqui, who we grabbed for three quick fire questions about her job at Parklands. Here’s what she had to say!

How long have you worked at Parklands Jacqui?

I initially worked at Parklands for 7 years before moving to another post. This time around I will have been here two years this month.

 What’s your favourite part of working at Parklands?

Definitely the variety! The Parklands Leisure department alone covers the swimming pool, spa area, the gym, sports hall and aerobics studio.  Covering as a Duty Manager involves understanding all the other departments too and helping out when needed, certainly no clock watching in my job!

Any good health & fitness tips?

I had a conversation about this with a member of the Leisure Team yesterday. My top tip would have to be “you are what you eat”. It’s a quote you’ve heard before but it’s true.  Recently we have been overloaded with diets promoting carb free, sugar free, gluten free, clean eating and many more – these diets are hard to maintain and require a very high level of discipline.  A balanced diet and regular exercise is all that is needed!