Parklands Patio: Menu & Allergens

After a long and at times painful wait, we are finally able to see you all in person with the opening of our Parklands Patio! The sun is shining today as we welcome our first range of fabulous guests into our outside area for food and drinks.

Our outside area will be running a limited menu that’s filled with Parklands favourites perfect for al fresco dining! You will be able to enjoy a wonderful range of hand rolled pizza, fresh salad and flam grilled BBQ treats.

No trip to Parklands is complete without one of our famous cocktails. Our expert bar staff will be mixing up a range of classic cocktails to give you the taste of summer that you have been waiting for. We’re even offering a special G&T perfect serve menu, because we all know how much you have been missing our gin goblets!

Your safety has always been at the forefront of our minds and we ask that everyone adheres to the social distancing measures that we have carefully set in place. To help in advance with any allergens that our menu contains, please see our Allergen Information below. We recommend that you chat to your server about any allergies you may have before ordering.

Our grand opening could not have happened without the continued support of our members and guests. We want to extend a massive thank you to you all and we cannot wait to finally be reunited!

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