Simple Tips To Ensure You Get The Most Out Of Being At The Gym

We thought we would outline some simple tips that can help make working out easier and more effective. Regardless of your busy lifestyle…

  • Morning Workouts

Did you know that working out in the morning (and before you have eaten) allows your body to burn fat more quickly? And if you can squeeze in a 30 minute snooze session after your alarm goes off, then you can make it to the gym! Our gym is accessible from 6:30am during the week and from 8am at the weekends.

  • Mix It Up

Doing the same routine every day can become tedious. The only way to make working out less repetitive is to mix it up. Why not do something new such as attend a class? As well as reducing boredom, attending classes and participating in social workouts helps boost confidence and is a huge motivator. At Parklands, we offer a variety of classes including; Spin, Body Pump, Flex & Strength, Cardio Conditioning and Yoga. Why not give one a try?

  • Record Your Progress

By recording your progress regularly, you can see how far you’ve come and what areas you need to work on. No time is wasted in the gym as every exercise will benefit you in one way or another. By setting goals and targeting key areas you will ensure you are using your time in the gym most effectively.

  • Set Goals

 Like progress recording, having a goal helps ensure you’re making the most of your workouts. It’s important that you always re-evaluate your goals and push yourself to ensure you’re constantly improving.

  • Understand the usefulness of exercising

Do you often feel like you aren’t making the most of gym equipment? If so, our gym staff are more than happy to give you guidance and advice to help ensure you know exactly which machines you need to be using. Having this expertise ensures you are fully aware of what the best work out exercises are. And if you understand the benefits or exercise, you will gain motivation and be more encouraged to continue!

For more information regarding our gym facilities and classes visit our website or call 0141 639 9222.