PARKLANDS ADVICE: 4 Ways To Wedding Plan During Lockdown

Our current situation sometimes makes us feel like life has been put on hold. However, as most of us have been gifted with some extra spare time, now can be the perfect time to get some wedding planning completed! We have listed four tasks that will not only leave you feeling super-productive but will inject … Continued

PARKLANDS ADVICE: 4 Simple Self Care Tips

Lockdown has been tough on us all and, at this point, it is normal to be feeling drained. At Parklands, we want to remind you to schedule self-care into your everyday routine to help re-energise yourself. Self-care isn’t selfish! Making sure you are looking after yourself is integral to keeping motivated at home and at … Continued

MEET OUR MEMBERS: Starring Elaine, Isobel & Joan

We want to shine a spotlight on some of our loyal members and their happy memories created within Parklands. We begin with Elaine, Isobel and Joan – three friends for life who have been having fun with our staff for thirty years… When did you join Parklands? We each joined about thirty years ago now. … Continued

PARKLANDS ADVICE: Staying Fit During Lockdown

Make your health your priority this January and create good habits for the year to come! Working out in the winter has its challenges and you want to make sure you are staying safe in icy conditions. However, some studies have shown that your winter workouts are actually more effective! You sweat less and expend … Continued

Christmas Day 2020

Celebrate a joyous occasion at Parklands We wish it could be Christmas every day!  We want to make Christmas 2020 as special and joyous as every other year, which is why we are delighted to be taking bookings for 25th December. We’ll be spreading festive cheer with our delicious menu created by our five star … Continued

A Message From Michael: Gym & Pool Re-Opening

Dear Members, It has always been our aim to give you as much information as possible with regards to our re-opening of the gym and pool.  I must firstly stress that all information given could change at short notice depending on Government guidelines, but hopefully this will not happen.   It is also important to let … Continued

Michael’s Bar & Restaurant: New Menu 2020

Get ready for new classics and old favourites with our new menu at Michael’s! We’re extremely excited to announce our brand new menu at Michael’s Bar & Restaurant! After months of having to offer a limited menu, we are ecstatic to reintroduce old favourites and experiment with brand new dishes as part of our newly … Continued

Parklands Patio: Menu & Allergens

After a long and at times painful wait, we are finally able to see you all in person with the opening of our Parklands Patio! The sun is shining today as we welcome our first range of fabulous guests into our outside area for food and drinks. Our outside area will be running a limited … Continued

Parklands Real Weddings: Christy and Neil

After getting legally married in New Zealand, Christy and Neil looked to Parklands to help bring together their Scottish side of the family for a special blessing and ceilidh. Read more about their Disney-fuelled Scottish celebration below… How would you describe your Parklands wedding experience? We were spoilt! We had our legal wedding in Christchurch, … Continued

An Open Letter from the Modlin Family

Dear Members & Friends, Last week, as progress seems to have been made in the national fight against this disease, we wanted to recognise the hard work and sacrifice every front line worker has provided us all in this time of need. Whether an NHS worker, carer, or those keeping our supermarkets, pharmacies and delivery … Continued